Projects and volunteering

Sol del sur is more than just a school, it’s a way to assist our community. We help organizations in our country that do not have much support so that they can continue their work. One of our first projects is to have our students and volunteers help at a home for disabled children in Rivas. It is very well known as “los pepitos” and is the home of 30-40 children with different physical disabilities who need a lot of help. Volunteers with big hearts who wish to help these children are needed to help in various ways such as: helping teachers and Nicaraguan volunteers with leading activities with the children and/or teaching the children special skills volunteers may have, they can lead them in learning by leading activities themselves. If the students or volunteers wish to make a donation directly to the organization, we can point them to the right people and prefer that each donation be made directly. If you would like to be a volunteer or study Spanish and contribute, write to us to inquire about volunteer requirements.


 Nicaragua, volunteering