Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I visit Rivas?

If you are looking for a city with a nice atmosphere and very authentic nicaraguan community, Rivas is one of your best options because the majority of its population local and it is the best place to immerse oneself deep into the Spanish language as well as practice with local people while enjoying the lifestyle, culture, and traditions. It is also important to note that the city has many historical sites, colonial architecture, and is very near to some of the best tourist destination in the country such as the Island of Ometepe.

Is Rivas a safe place?

Yes Rivas is a safe and calm city for both nationals and foreign tourists to visit.

How do I get to Rivas?

If you are traveling from Managua you can take a bus at the market “Roberto Huembes” that costs C$50 and is a trip of about 2 hours to the bus terminal in Rivas. If you are coming from the border crossing at Peñas Blancas you can take a bus which costs C$30 or a taxi which will cost C$60 and take about 45 minutes to reach Rivas.

How is the nightlife in Rivas?

Rivas has many interesting places to enjoy during the afternoon or night including bars, disco style bars with live music, karaoke bars and a variety of restaurants serving all types of food. All nightlife businesses close at midnight.

Why should I study at Sol del sur spanish school?

Sol del sur spanish school is a good option to learn Spanish because we are committed to providing quality learning, we have professional teachers thats are very experienced and we have the means to help you learn the language. You can also do volunteer work and collaborate with local development. Another advantage is that we are located in a city inhabited almost entirely by Nicaraguan people where you can enjoy our traditions and be in direct contact with our culture and traditions which will facilitate and enhance the learning experience.

Why should I take Spanish classes and volunteer?

Besides contributing, supporting and helping with various social causes in our community, it is a great method for cultural exchange from which our students can interact with different people and also practice what you learn during your spanish courses.

If I only want to take Spanish classes and not do any volunteer work, what I can do after my classes?

Students who do not wish to volunteer may choose to participate in many local activities offered through our school or can venture on their own to find find activities they like. The activities we offer can be seen here.

Are the materials included in the price of the classes?

The school only provides the necessary learning material as you progress through your lessons which includes practical exercises, written exercises, games, tests, etc. However we do ask the students to bring their own notebook and pens.

How many people can be in a class?

The school offers classes one on one, but exceptions are made ​​for students want to study with a partner or a group of 3, if they have the same level of Spanish.

How and when do I pay the school for my lessons?

You must pay the school on the first day in cash (USD). Unfortunately at this moment we do not accept credit cards or travelers checks.

What are the class schedules like?

Depending on the program you select, however classes tend to be in the morning so you can retturn for lunch and have the afternoon free to do volunteer work or other activities offered. However we can be flexible to accommodate the needs of our students.

Do the teachers speak english?

The teachers have a basic understanding of english and will only use it if necessary during class, however the classes are only in spanish

What happens if I do not feel comfortable with my host family?

If you do not feel comfortable, you will be given option to switch to a new host family.

How far away from the school do the host families live to Sol Del Sur Spanish School?

The houses of the host families are all located in the center of the city only a few blocks away from the school. You can easily walk to the school in less than 10 minutes.

For how long can I stay with the host family?

The student that chooses to use a homestay can remain for 7 days, and can begin their stay any day of the week.