Sol Del Sur Spanish School can be found in the center of the beautiful and sunny city of Rivas. We are located just a couple of blocks away from the Fire Department Station. We are a school committed to offering quality Spanish language lessons to foreign students at all levels of learning. Our mission is to meet the learning needs of our students and help them maximize their learning. Our Spanish lessons are designed to help the students take maximum advantages of their classes and to allow our students  to have the opportunity to practice in everyday situations. To enhance their learning experience of our students we offer affordable home stays that will allow the student to practice Spanish in everyday situations with their host family. The classes are done one on one, no matter the Spanish level of the the student to give you a personalized learning experience. Our school offers teachers and staff that have 10 years of experience teaching Spanish to tourists. We supplement the learning with learning materials for all levels of learning and that will greatly assist with the learning progress of the student. The staff is friendly, 100% Nicaraguan, love to teach Spanish and share about our country’s history and culture, but above all we want to give our students an authentic experience.

We offer different learning packages as well as volunteering programs for those students that are interested in collaborating with the further development of the community of in Rivas. This allows  for a unique experience of learning Spanish while at the same time feeling good about helping the community and giving our students a deeper look into the daily lives of the people in Nicaragua.


Sol Del Sur Spanish School is the path to Spanish knowledge so come visit us in Rivas, Nicaragua! We are waiting for you!