The city of Rivas is situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Great Lake of Nicaragua (Cocibolca), and is known for its year round tropical weather, nice people, and is often known as the city of mangos due to its abundant mango tree population. The location of Rivas is excellent as it is situated along the Panamericana Highway, which allows for easy travel access to other cities within Nicaragua as well as to the border crossing with Costa Rica. It is also conveniently located just a few kilometers away from the Port of San Gorge which is a local attraction with beaches on shores of Lake Nicaragua and also location of local transportation to the Island of Ometepe via daily ferry rides. Rivas is a great place to stay due to the convenient location as it is centrally surrounded to many of the most renowned tourist destination in Nicaragua including many different beaches, volcanoes,  and cities with great colonial architecture.

At the center of the city like many other colonial cities, one can find the centrally located park called “Evaristo Carazo.” Here one can find local artisanal crafts, traditional food and the very popular rosquilla rivense. Near the park is also the church of San Pedro which is the third cathedral with spanish influence in Nicaragua. There is also a central market nearby where you can find many different tropical fruits, fresh vegetables, meats and seafood. Near the central market area one can find the local bus station which is the bus terminal for buses arriving from Managua and other cities in Nicaragua. Overall the city of Rivas can provide tourist with a variety of amenities and services including various supermarkets, various commercial plazas, a variety of shops, hotels, bars, restaurants, dance clubs, internet cafes, hospital, pharmacies, banks and ATM’s as well as other specific tourist oriented services. The prices of lodging can vary between $8 to $80 USD per night.

An interesting characteristic of the city of Rivas is that it has 1,000 pedicabs for transportation, making Rivas one of the least polluting cities and allowing it to have a positive environmental impact through local transportation methods. It is also noteworthy to mention that as a city Rivas has been able to maintain its identity. Rivas has been lucky to maintain its colonial cultural identity due to the lack of foreign investment and as a result will provide tourist with a unique experience. From the moment you arrive in the colonial of Rivas, you will feel and experience Nicaragua at the local level and be able to interact and experience the culture, gastronomy and the Nicaraguan style of living. The people of Rivas are known as very hospital and friendly towards foreigners.


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